Seven Steps To Avoid Commercial Vacuum Repair Bills

Karcher Commercial Vacuum RepairMany expensive commercial vacuum cleaners repair bills can be avoided by practicing correct equipment usage and implementing a consistent maintenance program.  We often see commercial vacuums come in for service with problems that could have been easily prevented.

Here are seven steps to avoid commercial vacuum repair bills and the inconvenience of having a machine in the repair shop:

  1. Use vacuums for the use they were designed for … just because it is a commercial vacuum doesn’t mean it can pick up large objects such as cigarette and cigar butts.
  2. Change bags regularly. Commercial vacuum cleaners are most efficient when the bags are less than 75% full. Full bags don’t allow proper airflow, which is needed to keep motors cool. Make it a policy to check bags after every day shift and change as needed.
  3. Filters need to be changed or washed regularly. As an example, it is recommended that a two-motor upright has its filter changed after every 15 bag replacements.
  4. Check brushes and replace them when the bristles are worn down to half their length.
  5. Check the brush roller for objects that wrap around it, such as string, ribbon, or hair. If these are allowed to collect, they can cause belts to break and motor damage.
  6. Inspect belts weekly for imperfections and wear.
  7. Check plugs and cords for wear, tears, and imperfections. After use, unplug from the outlet, then wind the cord onto the machine (not gathering the cord as you walk to the vacuum), using the cord guides and clips.

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