Cleaning Concentrate Flexibility: On and Off the Wall!

Taking advantage of the economic benefits afforded with cleaning concentrates can be problematic if a facility has a limited number of closets with wall space and plumbing to accommodate wall mounted dilution control systems.

However, we’ve solved that problem with the Multi-Task System line of cleaning concentrates, designed to work with a number of different dispensing tools: wall mount, portable, no-touch and manual.

Using one concentrate line simplifies your inventory while enables staff to have the flexibility to use them in a number of applications, including wall mount, portable, no-touch, and squeeze/manual.

For closets with wall space and plumbing, each Multi-Task wall mount system holds two different products for dilution dispensing of cleaning concentrates.  The metering tips are integrated into the container for trouble-free operation while the E-Gap proportioner technology mixes product with water while conforming to ASSE 1055B approved backflow prevention. Like most other wall dispensers, it easily fills spray bottles, mop buckets, auto scrubbers and carpet extraction equipment.

If wall space is not available, the Multi-Task system can be used with a number of portable dispensing units where there is a water source with a hose.  It can be dispensed with a portable Easy-Fill gun for mop buckets and scrubbers; a U-Fill Sprayer for application directly onto surfaces; or with the U-Fill Foamer which dispenses onto vertical surfaces as a clinging foam.

Fill the mobile Wave II touchless cleaning system with a tank of water (capable of cleaning up to 8 restrooms), and load the cleaning chemicals of choice. It can be used for multi mobile cleaning applications such as cleaning restrooms, dumpsters, carpet pre-spray, outdoor furniture, loading docks, and more.

Manual dilution is attained by squeezing the special container packaging, which enables the mechanism that fills the measuring device incorporated into the top of the package. Then, the cleaning chemical can be poured into auto scrubbers, mop buckets, or buddy buckets.

With just four Multi-Task System products you can cover all your surface cleaning needs:

  • 007 – Double-o-Seven – Peroxide All Purpose Cleaner
  • 2 Multi-Shine – Glass and multi-surface cleaner
  • 4 Foamy MAC- Restroom, Tub, shower cleaner
  • 256 Century Q – Neutral Hospital grade disinfectant

The full line of options includes 19 different cleaning chemicals for:

  • Floor Care Cleaners
  • Food Service
  • Odor Control
  • Glass & Surface Cleaners
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaners
  • Restroom Cleaners


Download our full information flyer on the Multi-Task system