Bye Bye Triclosan in Hand Soaps ... Cavalier Said It First!

Once again, Cavalier is proven to be ahead of the curve, looking out for the health of our customers and their facilities. Over five years ago, we talked about our concern with studies showing concerns about certain ingredients in antibacterial hand soap.   

washing hands without Triclosan

At that time, we emphasized our hand soap inventory only contained antibacterial hand hygiene products that were free of certain ingredients that were questionable for health reasons.

One of the ingredients we mentioned at that time was Triclosan.  As it turns out, Triclosan is one of 19 ingredients the FDA recently banned in the manufacturing of consumer hand soap products.

In its final announcement made recently, the FDA noted there was no scientific evidence proving antibacterial hand soaps were more effective at killing microorganisms than using just plain soap and water.

A few notes on this ruling to keep in mind:

  1. The rule does not include:
    1. Consumer hand sanitizers
    2. Consumer sanitizing wipes
    3. Products used in healthcare settings
  2. The industry has another year to prove the effectiveness of three commonly used ingredients in replacement of triclosan: benzalkonium chloride, benzethonium chloride and chloroxylenol (PCMX).
  3. Manufacturers have one year to comply with the rulemaking with enforcement beginning in September, 2017.

View the list of all banned ingredients

We stock nearly 70 different options in foaming and gel hand soaps so you can “keep it clean” with healthy confidence. Additionally, we carry 12 different antibacterial hand sanitizers.