Graffiti Wipe-Out Programs in Norfolk

Learn about the Norfolk graffiti abatement programs.Did you know there are two active graffiti abatement programs in the city of Norfolk? These programs address the unsightly graffiti created by taggers using paint or markers.

The first program, TAG-OUT, is being piloted in the area with the highest concentration of graffiti. The program seeks to remove graffiti within 24 hours by working directly with concerned residents, business-owners, and community based agencies.

The second program, GRAFFITI REIMBURSEMENT, provides reimbursement of up to $50 for the removal of graffiti from private property.

Both programs encourage removal of graffiti as quickly as possible, as experts agree that a significant way to fight graffiti is to promptly remove it. Taggers are looking for visibility, and if you deny them that visibility, it deters additional tagging.

According to Graffiti Hurts, studies indicate that removing graffiti within 24 to 48 hours after it appears results in a nearly zero rate of re-occurance.

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