Gliding Your Way to Awesome Floor Stripping Success

BIG-school-gym-floor-wide-HIGH-SMALLSince traditional floor stripping is so labor intensive, it is prudent to maintain flooring on a regular basis in order to lengthen the time between stripping and refinishing.

On average, floors should be stripped once a year, but frequency depends on the traffic, ongoing maintenance, and environmental factors such as tracked-in ice melt.

When a floor needs stripping, it is pretty obvious to the eye as the floors have:

  • An uneven appearance
  • A dull look
  • Buildup on the edges
  • Discoloration
  • Hazy, cloudy appearance
  • Contain wear patterns

Since orbital scrubbers are not efficient in stripping down all layers of finish, the key to making this chore a little less difficult is using the right materials and equipment.

One of the easiest floor machines we’ve found for stripping is the Hawk Glide, as it moves in all directions so you’re not locked into just a side-to-side motion.  It is also pretty light, so it makes a huge difference in control, particularly with less experienced users. Plus, it’s quite affordable, particularly when compared to orbital scrubbers.

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